///LGB #65012 Mogul/Sound Unit Function Trigger

LGB #65012 Mogul/Sound Unit Function Trigger

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65012 LGB Mogul/Sound Unit Function Trigger

8 in stock


You can trigger the bell and whistle/horn sounds in your 65000-series Sound Unit with this easy-to-install kit. It’s engineered to fit most LGB Mogul locos and LGB rolling stock with “Archbar” style trucks. Just attach the trigger to the truck with the included screws and plug the connecting cable into your sound unit. Use with 17050 Sound Trigger Magnets.

Hints: This kit can be easily adapted to other locos and styles of trucks. However, factory support for other applications is not available. On MTS layouts, the bell and whistle sounds can be triggered remotely, and this kit is not necessary.

See also 65000, 65001, 65002, 65003, 65004, 65011 and 17050.

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