Welcome to Upland Trains!

Thank you for visiting Upland Trains.  For 30 years, our family owned and operated store has been specializing in G-scale trains.  Because of low overhead and low rent, those savings are passed on to our customers.  Whether you’re looking to buy your first set or are looking for a special piece to complete your collection, Upland Trains is your store.  If you have questions on maintenance, or need service or repairs, John and Kim are the people to talk to. They are a husband and wife team who keep the store well oiled! Please follow our Facebook or Instagram pages because we post killer deals and let you know when new and used items have just entered our store.  It will also be an important way of knowing when we might be closed for vacations or train shows.

Upland Trains is here for you and we are so excited to help you enjoy model railroading and keep you on the right track!

Meet Our Team

John Poole
John PooleOwner
John is the train guru. He knows almost everything about g-scale trains that you ever wanted to know. If you are having any technical problems, he is the one to talk to. If you are selling a train collection, he is the one you will wheel and deal with. John retired in 2018 from a long career in law enforcement. These days he is the one who answers the phones, takes phone orders and packs up the website orders. He takes care of all the day to day operations.
Kim Poole
Kim PooleCo-owner
Kim is the one who maintains the web-site, Facebook page, as well as any other social media aspects. She is there most all days that the store is open. She is knowledgeable about g-scale trains, and about the order status’. Occasionally you might speak to her on the phone or be the one who helps you in the store. If you ask nicely, she has the capability of personalizing train cars and containers that have smooth sides. Call us for details.
Belle Poole
Belle PooleDoor Greeter
Belle is our only child left living with us. We adopted her on St. Patrick’s Day 2018 at 6 weeks old. She will be the one to greet you when you walk in the store. Belle loves to give kisses and may even bring you her favorite pumpkin toy to throw.

Just a few of the brands carried by Upland Trains