PIKO #35021 Navigator Remote

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PIKO Navigator Remote

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The Navigator Remote handheld throttle can be used with either the Digital Central
Station (#35010) or the Analog Throttle (#35002). The large backlit display enables
easy and clear operation. Two locomotives or a locomotive and an accessory can be
controlled simultaneously (for example, running a locomotive and throwing a
switch), and up to 8 trains can be in operation at once on the same layout.
The controls are designed so that nearly all features can be used in single-handed
operation. Due to the built-in wireless transmitter, you can move
freely around your layout when using the optional Wireless Receiver
(#35022) with the Navigator Remote. The Navigator Remote allows you to
assign pictograms and user-defined names to your locomotive. This
makes operating and tracking multiple locomotives easy.
Further capabilities include activating locomotive functions,
controlling switch routes, consisting and decoder
programming. The Navigator Remote can be connected
to the Digital Central Station using the included cable.

• Large backlit display with easy, menu-based control
• Locomotive configuration with alpha-numeric names and
• 10,239 locomotive addresses
• 14, 28 and 128 speed step capability
• 2048 switch/accessory addresses
• NMRA functions F1 through F16
• Parallel and serial function triggering capability for
compatibility with older equipment
• Bi-directional communication with the Central Station
• Split-screen display allows simultaneous control of two
locomotives or a locomotive and an accessory
• Multi-protocol capable: PIKO, Lenz Xpressnet and DiMAX
• Multi-operator capable: Up to 8 Navigators can be used
simultaneously with the Wireless Receiver (#35022)

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Dimensions 11 × 5 × 3 in


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