LGB #21671 Track Cleaning Loco

LGB #21671 Track Cleaning Loco

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21671 LGB Track Cleaning Loco

This is a reproduction of a track laying machine as used all over the world. Cleaning dirty rails is child’s play with this LGB model. Two cleaning wheels rotate in the opposite direction of the direction of travel to achieve the most effective cleaning. Length over the buffers 43.5 cm / 17-1/8″.

The right cleaning wheels to swap out can be found as an accessory under: E132064.

Only 1 left in stock


21670 LGB Track Cleaning Loco
New Track Cleaning Loco
With this one-of-a-kind LGB locomotive, you can safely and easily solve the complex problems of track cleaning, especially on outdoor layouts. How does it work? The patented design of the LGB Track Cleaning Loco features two motors. The drive motor, located below the cab, propels the loco on the track. The cleaning motor, located in front of the cab, rotates a pair of cleaning wheels. These low-abrasion wheels rotate opposite of the direction of travel for safe, effective cleaning. The cleaning wheels also have specially engineered flanges to protect the plastic guides found on LGB switches and crossings. The body of this LGB loco was modeled after track maintenance equipment found around the world. Directional lanterns and flashing warning lights tell you the status of the loco, and that makes it even easier to keep your track clean.

The Model
This detailed model features:
– weather-resistant construction
– factory-installed onboard decoder for MTS and analog operation
– three-way power control switch
– protected gearbox with seven-pole Bühler motor
– four powered wheels
– built-in speed control
– cleaning gearbox with high-torque Bühler motor
– low-abrasion, counter-rotating cleaning wheels
– six power pickups
– voltage stabilization circuit
– automatic directional lanterns
– roof-mounted hazard lights
– length: 435 mm (17.1 in)
– weight: 2900 g (6.4 lb)
• 17.1 in.
• 6.4 lbs
• 7 Lamps
• 2 Motors

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 8 in


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