LGB #72307 EURO PASSENGER Starter Set, w/ Sound

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LGB #72307 EURO PASSENGER Starter Set, w/ Sound

This starter set contains an old-timer train consisting of a tank locomotive and 2 passenger cars. The locomotive has a powerful Bühler motor with ball bearings as well as a headlight, sound module, and a smoke unit. The set also has a complete circle of track, a power supply, and a locomotive controller. Train length 85 cm / 33-7/16″.

Exclusively for the USA. Power supply for 120 volts

Only 1 left in stock


Work Train Starter Set, with sound. by LGB
If you like heavy-duty action, this work train set is for you. A tough little steam loco pulls a ballast car and a construction transporter with removable forklift as well as a pallet and load. (color and style of truck varies) The loco has a big Bühler motor for pulling power plus electronic steam sound and a smoke generator for incredible realism. The set also includes a full circle of track (51 in dia.), a powerful 1 amp power pack, a quick-connect cable, four figures and everything else you need to enter the World of LGB!

Please note, cars my vary slightly from images shown.
1 Traction Tire
1 Multi-Purpose Socket
33 in
3 Lamps
1 Motor
Smoke Generator
Direct Decoder Interface

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 22 × 7 in


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