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37154 Circus Roncalli R/C Starter Set (G-Scale) 120V

This set is completely battery-powered and includes a pocket remote for easy wireless walk-around control of train speed, direction and emergency stop.

Don’t forget to download the G-Scale GE 25-Ton Diesel Information Booklet.

This starter set comes with a loco and two cars, pocket remote with forward/reverse and speed and stop controls, a full circle of outdoor/indoor track (R1 radius 600mm / 23.6″), and track clips.



  • GE 25-Ton Diesel Electric locomotive with directional lights
  • Completely powered by 6 ‘AAA’ batteries (Batteries not included)
  • Locomotive with powerful 5-pole precision can-type motor with reliable gear drive on the front and rear axles.
  • Numerous molded-on and factory-applied details on locomotive and cars
  • R/C pocket remote
    –  R/C system has over 80′ range
    –  8 Easily selectable channels
  • Cab interior light
  • Cars with heavy-duty hard plastic wheels for long-term use, indoors or out.
  • Hook and loop type couplers
  • Crisp and clean lettering and logo designs
  • Created with incredibly tough weather-resistant materials
  • Minimum recommended radius: 600mm / 23.6”
  • Made in Germany


The GE 25-Ton diesel locomotives are small, two-axle industrial diesel switching locomotives. They were procured by many railroads and shortlines in North America, starting before the Second World War, as American railroads began converting from steam to diesel power. General Electric started in 1938 with the construction of small diesel-electric locomotives.

From this point on, these compact locomotives were used on both standard and narrow-gauge lines for local switching service and operation in industrial plants. All GE-built 25-Ton locomotives had a Cummins 150 hp diesel engine turning a generator, which powered a traction motor on a single axle. The other axle was connected via chain-drive.

The locos were known for their excellent pulling power compared to their size and were popular with operating crews. The locomotives had a maximum speed of about 20 mph. Production lasted for decades with relatively little change, finally ending in 1974.

They were the best-selling small diesel locomotives in America, and many were exported to other markets. Over time, GE made various production modifications, and numerous further changes were made by railroad shops crews.Many are still in use today.

37154 Instructions/Parts List 

35041 Instruction Manual (Remote specific instructions)

Only 2 left in stock

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1 x Steam locomotive
2 x Freight Cars
12 x 35211 R1 (Curve Track R1 600 mm / 23.6’’)
1 x 35270 Power Clamps
1 x 35285 Track Clips, 14 Pieces
1 x Throttle
1 x Safety-Approved 120 V
Transformer 24 V DC / 45 VA

For all Starter Sets:
Floor area: 51.18’‘
Minimum area for assembly: 59.06″

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Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 7 in
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