PIKO #35302 Double Oval Track Set

PIKO #35302 Double Oval Track Set

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35302 Double Oval Track Set

In stock

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35302 Double Oval Track Set
1 x 35220 WLR1 (Switch left)
1 x 35221 WRR1 (Switch right)
4 x 35211 R1 (Curved track R1 23.62”)
7 x 35200 G320 (Straight track 12.60”)
Floor area: 7.55′ x 5.25′
Minimum area for assembly: 8.20′ x 5.91′

The PIKO G-Track sets allow beginners as well as experienced modellers to build up a
basic stock of track elements at a reasonable price, when starting with the PIKO G-track
system. The uncomplicated, clear design of the PIKO G-Track system makes it possible to
continuously extend existing layouts by adding further sets. The sets contain the color
coded pieces shown in the graphics below. The color coding conforms to the PIKO G Track
color coding system. The switches contained in the Track Sets can be converted to
electric operation at any time by installing an electric switch machine.

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 5 in


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