PIKO #38212 SF Mogul Loco, 707, w/ Smoke & Sound

PIKO #38212 SF Mogul Loco, 707, w/ Smoke & Sound

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PIKO SF Mogul Loco #707, w/ Smoke & Sound

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Full-Feature Operation on Either Analog DC or Digital/DCC Systems
Minimum Radius required 600mm
Bright, Directional LED Lights and 5-Volt Smoke System
High-Volume 3-Watt Digital Steam Sound System, with:
Synchronized Steam Exhaust Chuff
Correct Bell and Whistle Signals
Dynamo, Blower, Air Pump and Steam Release
Brake Squeal and Brake Release
Coal Shoveling (on coal-fi red locos)

Starting in forward, there are two toots of the whistle. In reverse, there are three. Brakes squeal when slowing down. The bell and a grade crossing whistle sequence are triggered by track magnets. If the loco is brought to a stop with some power still on the rails, coal shoveling will occur randomly. Tenders are equipped metal wheels.

Length, 22.7 inches. Weight 9.3 pounds.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 12 × 9 in


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