LGB #43822 CP RAIL Center Flow Hopper

LGB #43822 CP RAIL Center Flow Hopper

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This is a model of a CP Rail (Canadian Pacific Railroad) covered hopper car. It is prototypically painted and lettered for Era V. The car has a different car number from that for item number 43821. The car has many separately applied details, and roof hatches and unloading hatches that can be opened. The car has metal wheel sets.
Length over the couplers 54 cm / 21-1/4″.

This new item is available with a different car number as a variation. Car number 120360.

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Shell Plastics® Center Flow Hopper by LGB #45820
Shell Chemicals has a long history in America, dating back to 1931 in California, with the world’s first production of ammonia from natural gas. Today, Shell has factories across the U.S. and Canada. Get its products to your customers with this big modern hopper.

You can open the roof hatches and lower doors. It has metal wheels.

  • 21.3 in.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 11 × 7 in


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